Most people think the Rottweiler came from Germany. But some of it’s descendants are from Rome. When the Romans settled in Germany they brought their Drover Dogs with them. They pulled carts, herded cattle and protected it’s owners. It’s believed that the German Rottweiler is descendant of ancient Roman drover dogs and a Mastiff-Type dog.


mastiff ancient

Service dogs

Rottweiler’s have been used for Police, Military, Therapy, Search and Rescue, Security etc...

service dog

Lap Pups

Most Rottweilers don’t know how big they truly are.. They are a leaning breed as well. Leaning on you quite often. They love to get their 100lb plus butts in your lap. BEWARE!!

lap pup


Rottweilers are very loyal to their families. Going to the ends of the earth for them. Protection isn't taught. They do it automaticailly.

loyal Rottweilers


Once again this is an Intelligent Breed. They may know the answer but don’t want to do it. Remaining Alpha ( Pack Leader) will in sure they respect your commands. Maybe! lol

Vader von der Smith